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About EXdex

The EXdex team developed an innovative blockchain-based cryptoexchange on the block, whose goal is to eliminate shortcomings of modern cryptoexchanges and provide users with a faster and safer platform for trading. Decentralization allows you to eliminate any manipulations with the accounts of cryptotraders, and traders themselves will have full control over their funds.

For maximum security, all the funds of cryptotraders are stored on cold wallets. The infrastructure of the exchange is scalable and allows processing over 100,000 transactions per second thanks to the advanced cryptoexchange engine. Cryptoexchange EXdex is available for most devices, including PCs and smartphones.

EXdex has its own cryptocurrency, which gives users additional benefits. Coin owners gain access to exclusive platform functions, as well as reduced fees when paying with EXdex coins. In addition, trade in pairs with EXdex is carried out without fees. Also, investors receive additional income from PoS-mining and masternodes.

Why EXdex?

EXdex offers faster, safer and more convenient cryptoexchange for users with 24/7 operational support.
High bandwidth
Transparency and openness
Instant support
High security
No withdrawal limits
EXdex Exchange
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Windows Wallet
Linux Wallet
Mac OS Wallet
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Q4 2018

  • The core network and the platform's website launch
  • Beta-wallet release
  • Pre-Sale
  • Listing on exchanges

Q1 2019

  • Release of the updated White Paper and the wallet web version
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Marketing and bounty campaigns launch
  • Release of the cryptoexchange application beta for mobile devices on iOS and Android

Q2 2019

  • Release of a full-fledged web version and versions for the main operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • The possibility of trading in pairs with EXdex
  • Platform and mobile application updates
  • Listing on major cryptoexchanges

Q3 2019

  • Release of a fully-functional mobile application
  • Expansion of the exchange's functionality. Margin Trading Capability


EXdex uses an approach that supports masternodes - network nodes that allow you to receive cryptocurrency for storing blockchain copies with transaction data.
60 seconds
Block Time

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Our team works hard to bring the blockchain to mass adoption through innovative projects.

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